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DND Framing take pride in the following: 

Attention to Detail:
Eye-catching, unique frame and mount design, stemming from a strong knowledge and continuing study of both current and traditional decorating styles and design trends.

Quality Craftsmanship:
Because picture framing is aesthetic in nature, the finished product must be of impeccable quality and an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Innovation & Creativity:
Custom framing implies uniqueness, and the customer expects a one-of-a-kind product individually tailored to his/her preference.

Fast ,Professional Services:
In a business where the established lead time is three weeks, ten days is a refreshing change of pace.Additionally, in today's society, same day framing is in demand.

Customers Framing Experience:
Offering clients a FULL COMPREHENSIVE framing options from a wide variety selection of frames, matboards and other quality services, making framing experience hassle free.

High-Volume Framing:
We also offer large volume framing services for hotels, health care dept,corporations,government dept , etc.Our commercial clients are assured the same personal attention,expertise and quality craftsmanship as any individual who comes in our shop. We provide a full range of related services from initial consulting to final installation.


Glass & Plexiglass Replacements:
Accidents happen! Pictures can get dropped, fall of the wall,or get broken in transit. Plexiglass can get scratched or fade in colour. We can replace your broken glass or plexi by disassembled, inspect the frame for any hidden damage, clean the frame and have your framing job looking like new again in no time. Our framing factory has all the necessary tools and expertise to help.

Digital Printing of Photos:
We also assist with printing of photos. We start with your image in a high resolution digital file from memory card,flash drive etc. Once printed,we're more than happy to help you create the perfect custom framing solution, especially with compilations like weddings, sport, etc......making your framing experience hassle free!


We offer a variety of different moulding and matboard options, different glass options to ensure that no matter where your art will be displayed,it will be preserved and protected for generations to come.

Custom Framing
Framing of art, certificates, diplomas, photos, prints of all types and sizes. Whether its a valuable work of art or something u need to preserve......we can frame it! All materials used is of the highest quality ensuring the best in presentation, protection and longevity. We love a GOOD let us help you get that idea of your head, onto the workbench, then up on the wall

Preservation Framing
For all your delecate documents, certificates, awards, photos that you want to preserve.....we will put it in a suitable frame to match.

Tapestries, Needlecraft, Textiles, Watercolors, Etchings, Woodcuts etc
All these items require specialized mounting and attachment techniques and must be done by professionals in the field. All our work is fully reversible and will not harm or damage the framed item in any way. We also use the highest quality conservation grade materials with this type of framing, giving the artist or client peace of mind that their artwork will be in save hands when framing.

We offer a range of pre-framed mirrors or can design a custom made mirror to your size and specifications. Whether its a plain or bevelled mirror with single, double or even triple frame.......if u need to enhance mirror and space to fit in.......we do it all!

Other Products and Services
In addition to custom framing, we offer other framing related services such as canvas stretching.

Canvas Stretching:
We do three methods of stretch canvas for clients.
Standard Stretching
The whole artwork or print image is visible on the front with staples on the side or back of the piece.
Gallery wrap Stretching
The artwork or print image wraps around the side of the frame with staples on the back if the piece. 
Block Stretch
The artwork or print image will be stretch on solid surface with staples on the back of the piece. 

After we stretched it, we can help u frame it, in-house!